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Electricalizee: Alizee Paradis by Samantha Lord With magnetic charisma and a penchant for clever humor, Alizee Paradis captivates those who meet her in person. Model, athlete, and entrepreneur, Alizee (known as electricalizee on Instagram) was born and raised in the chilly world-class city of Quebec City, all the way up north in Canada. Dedication and discipline were Alizee’s watchwords from the very beginning. From the tender age of 2 she practiced gymnastics, training several hours a day. In 4th grade, she enrolled in sports school, a school that athletes from different sports attend each morning before heading to their respective practice sites in the afternoon. The height that would one day lead to modeling success caused disappointment at the age of 11, when the coach decreed that Alizee was too tall to be a professional gymnast. Her father, an avid tennis fan, came to the rescue, immediately putting a racket in his daughter’s hand. At first, Alizee admits she was like a tube man outside the car dealership holding a racket. But incrediblyshe found herself among the top 5 in Canada after merely two years of training. She played a couple pro tournaments as a teen amateur. Then came a full scholarship to play at Marshall University. She was there when the movie We Are Marshall starring Matthew McConaughey was shot. Alizee was chosen to be an extra, but strict practice schedules prevented her being in the film. After two years, she transferred to University of Cincinnati where she graduated with a degree in Finance and Mathematics. She was team captain and #1 player for her team while there. After so many years of hard work and long hours of practice, Alizee suddenly decided to make a radical change: to pursue her passion for fashion. She effortlessly transitioned into her role as model, spending time in Milan each fashion season. After a couple of years learning the modelling world, surprising even herself, she had an itch for returning to school. She enrolled in a graduate degree program at Florida Southern College, a private school voted #1 most beautiful campus in America. She fell in love with Florida and graduated with a perfect average, along with her brother Alex in the same class. Upon graduation, she scored a job with Ultra Music Festival as a full-time employee, working directly with the festival owners. She saw insane production sets and traveled to other Ultra Festivals around the world. After a year, Canada was calling again. She wanted to be closer to her family. While back in her home country, Alizee participated in the TV show, “XOXO” where she was eliminated in the 3rd round for being “too extroverted” (rumors have it her elimination had an agenda). Luckily, warmer climes were now calling. She moved to, in her own words, the best place on earth: Miami! It was in Miami that she started her own ecommerce business and a real estate venture. With a passion for anything related to house music, Alizee still travels the world in search of the best music festivals. Her favorite festival is Tulum in January. Its parties are in the wild jungle and often go for 24 hours. Alizee has hundreds of modeling contracts, including several cover shoots, under her belt. She loves fashion and expressing herself with different styles, all picked up from the “coolest girls around the world,” she says. You’ll see all this and more at Alizee’s Instagram (Electricalizee). It’s also jammed pack with her favorite fashion and travel destinations. Alizee’s dream is to get a PhD so she can be called Dr. Paradis. “Perhaps people will take me seriously, then!” she laughed as we closed the interview. I think people should take her seriously right now.   Check out her socials on and tiktok/electricalizee and Hello guys! With lots of love I am Alizee Paradis, a retired tennis player, travel lover, and runway & swimsuit model with a positive mindset towards life and a penchant for enjoying every single moment. I believe in living in the moment instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Carpe Diem per sempre! Life is short!     I’m a retired professional tennis player & D1 athlete with a Masters Degree in Finance. I love to travel and model. I live for music festivals in remote places and love to have fun. I think this is because I spent so many years training for 8 hours a day and dedicating my whole life to tennis that now I just want to life as fast as I can. I have a fashion style that is original, eclectic, and sexy. I take inspiration from the coolest girls in each part of the world I visit. I am obsessed with 3 piece sets of lingerie (I have a hundred of them!). Follow Me     A Tennis Player Being a tennis player was the hardest and greatest accomplishment of my life. It opened so many opportunities I would have never had otherwise. Life as an athlete was rigorous and a full time job, but it gave me the greatest gift to reward me for all that effort; a full choose ship at an American University. Without this opportunity, I would have never been the person I am today. I t opened my eyes to the world and gave me the knowledge I needed to strive in it. It also allowed me to travel a lot; although I went to many places without seeing much else than the tennis court and the hotel. It gave me the travel bug to want to come back later on in life. In college, I was captain of my team and played #1 on the varsity roster. We had weight training early in the morning before class and classless as full time students and then tennis practice in the afternoon and into the night. On the weekends we had competitive matches, often traveling to other universities. Once I completed my studies, a lot of people, my dad included, wanted me to go pro but I was not at all excited about the idea; it’s also incredibly difficult to make it on the pro tour, even the girls top 1000 have to have both a natural talent and an extreme dedication. I retired that year, and felt so happy. I was ready to explore the world.     Education As a teen I went to sports school at Cardinal-Roy in Quebec City. Sports school is a high school where all the athletes from different sports go to school together in the morning, have lunch, and then go to their respective practice facilities. Upon graduation I got a few offers to go play for some US Universities and chose Marshall University. I spent two years there and learned so much; at first I didn’t even speak English that well and carried a pocket dictionary with me. Most foreign students took English classes before entering the full time academic program, but because I got a nearly perfect math score int he SAT, the school board wrongly assumed I was bilingual. It was a challenging integration but I loved it and learned English super fast by being completely immersed in it. Two years later in transferred to the University of Cincinnati where the campus was even better, bigger, and the athletics department had incredible funding and facilities. I enjoyed every minute spent in Cincinnati. I became the real me there. Later on I decided I wanted to do a Masters degree. I was always an idea of mine although part of me didn’t think I would actually go though with it. My main goal when I was younger was to be taken seriously, I’d figured with a Masters degree people would. I did the program in Finance as I had already started down that road and I found it to be a solid background for anything I’d want to do in the future. To this day I still love learning. I am taking Italian courses to learn my third language.I’m also constantly learning about social media analytics and strategy. Philosophy I am an open minded and positive person. My first priority is to live life to the fullest. I prefer to enjoy life to the fullest, I’m also an empath; I feel deeply for others and their situation. I am an open book; I try to live my life with transparency so there is nothing to hide. I’m proud of never talking behind someone’s back something I wouldn’t say to their face. I believe the world is harsh and we don’t need the extra stress. Be nice to one another… you never know what the other is going through.   Career In Short I am a fashion and swimsuit model and influencer as well as entrepreneur with online businesses. I’m proud to constantly keep growing and broadening my passions. Modeling Influencer Masters In Finance Sports (Tennis Player) Fashion And Style I love wearing outfits and styles people have never seen. I have a deep love for lingerie and incorporate it in my looks. I’m constantly learning about fashion even from different parts of the world. I believe in mixing high end designer items with affordable looks and utilizing original accessories to make every look my own.I’m obsessed with fashion, the world is my runway. Music The thing I love most is music, house music in particular. I have a special kind of brain and know every lyrics of every song. I’m constantly looking for new sounds and new remixes, I love electronic music and all of its sub genres. I get chills when I hear a surprising remix, I live for seeing those moments in festivals.I love to dance and laugh. It’s what I live for. I make playlists from traveling everywhere and hearing so many DJ sets around the world. Each season there is a new playlist with brand new music no one has heard. I’ve been curating them for years… My true love is electronic music. I am a fan. Traveling “Traveling Is An Art, And Its Not Only About Visiting Different Cities, Countries Or Places It Actually About Feeling The Specialty And Versatility Of The Place, People Who Live There, Their Culture, Religion And To Mold Yourself In That Environment To Experience A New Perspective”. Traveling is my favorite hobby. I love discovering new places and visiting glamorous ones. I love going to the airport. I love flying. I love everything about traveling… May it come back to its original lightness. Modeling Being a runway model has taught me so much about style. I believe style is something each person possesses and is uniquely individual. I love originality because it makes you different from the rest. Why blend in, when you can stand out? I’ve always been fond of top models since my childhood. I remember watching the VS Angels with my dad every year and being fascinated by them. Modeling is my passion and my life. It intertwines together to make me unique and creative, and makes my instagram uniquely me.

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