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Don’t Let Me Go

Do you ever see someone randomly and think to yourself;

“that girl has got so much swagger”

I will tell you one of the reasons why our subconscious automatically thinks that: accessories.

The difference between someone that looks great and someone that you truly notice all lies in her accessories, a most prominent, her bracelets. They give the ability to express our individuality, and make a white tee shirt day go from boring to eye catching. Here are a couple of trends that can make you adopt the idea of bracelets if you’re not too used to it.


 Variety Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 6.30.24 PM

Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and shapes together. Yes, the same 40some bangles were really cool together at some point, but that was more like 7 years ago. This time around, it’s all about choosing carefully curated pieces to make it seems as though you just threw everything together (you didn’t).



Starting piece  ddd

Your stack of bracelets should begin with a larger, most outstanding piece, such as a strong cuff. Once that piece is into place, it is then easier to build up with smaller pieces as well executed on this picture.

The starting piece can even be a watch if you have one; the other bracelets will simply go around it.



Fancy piece Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.02.03 PM

Having and expensive piece that you aways wear in your stack is a must. It can be a vintage gold bangle that your grand-mother passed on to you, or a recent graduation present, everything works. If you are to purchase your expensive piece, make sure you know which color you like best and will wear most. For example, my expensive piece is one many girls have, the Cartier “Love” bangle in gold. I love all my accessories to be mostly gold with touch of colors so this works best for me. Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.00.41 PM

Other very popular fancy bracelets include the “Collier de Chien” from Hermes (left red), the “Juste un Clou” from Cartier, and the “Clic-Clac” from Hermes (right red).   

The best part about having a fancy piece in your stack of jewlery is that after that you can purchase cheaper bracelets to complete the arm without ever looking cheesy. The fancy piece is the focal, attention grabbing point, and  the rest completes it. It is also one you will keep for a very very long time, and eventually might add other fancy pieces.

Displays of bold style, and, um, most importantly extreme wealth have been seen on arms like the one of the Jenner sisters. Kylie’s Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.29.13 PMright arm is adorned with FIVE regular love bangles, one diamond encrusted love bangle (which she doesn’t always wear because that’s $40K alone), FIVE love rings, and 1 juste un clou for a grand total of around $80,000 without the watch which is most probably not from Wal-Mart. To be honest, this look is great for instagram pictures but I wouldn’t see someone rocking it everyday; it is just a brag of an  overstatement… especially for a 16 year old.

Safe to say everyone & their Jenners will be rocking their stacked jewlery this summer whether dressed up or poolside, so get WILD !!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.11.01 PM


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  • Diandra, October 23, 2016 at 1:19 pm
    I am not UTS.You posted about how beloved Clinton was and left out his biggest failing. I know, I know, expect logic from AB?NOT. Of COURSE, your post devolves into saying Obama is bi.What I wonder, Steve, is if the meds kick in at all.broPably not, because she's only tutoring the voices in her head.