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t f y r

A regular girl, celebrity dreams

I realized something yesterday.

Like a sudden epiphany.
I always thought, after living in Los Angeles for nearly a year, that the girls living there were some of the worst girls in the world. I mean the whole time I lived there, I was never able to connect with someone on a true friendship level because people were only interested in “what I did”.
I would always tell them I was a Finance student, to their apparent disappointment.
I mean I was a good model. But like everyone else, I evolved and aged and am doing bigger things now. Yet they still always ask, whenever, wherever.
But then I realized, it’s not just L.A. These girls are everywhere. They just happen to congregate around Beverly Hills. They throw their money at bottles but can’t pay rent. They sing/act/model/can’t-sit-still and always always always want something from you. They live in Florida just like they live in Cincinnati.
Fuck they even live in Quebec City.
And they’ll never go away because there will always be more of them.
They’ll always be following that one rapper/ball player/coke dealer/Hugh Hefner.
So here’s THE song right now.
It’s a summary song for those girls around the world that dream of becoming a celebrity… or just a rich housewife.
To you, I raise my hat.

Just don’t fucking talk to me.
“And nothing here’s real,
and everyone’s alike,
’cause everyone dreams
of a millionaire’s life”