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t f y r

Vivaaa Las Vegas !

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

WOAAA !!! Sooo, I had never EVER been to Las Vegas and chose THE BUSIEST weekend in the whole year, Labor Day weekend, to lose my LV virginity. Needless to say the trip was a memorable success, and a half-forgotten disaster at the same time, which is like, woaaa really hard to do. So I will take you guys on a step by step of the main events, with pictures, and what I liked lots and liked not so much 😀

I arrived in Vegas on the Thursday, and straight from the airport went for a late lunch at the Gardunos Restaurant at the @PalmsLasVegas where I was staying. I loooove mexican food so this was the super kick start I needed to prepare for a goood first night. The pool at the Palms is so cool, with a bar in the middle similar to resorts in Cabos, and the patio of the restaurant was super as well.

My kitchen remained prestiiiine the whole trip

So thennnn, I got ready and headed for the Syrup models private party that was coincidently being held at my hotel once again, the Paaaalms. I was staying on the 46th floor but this party kind of one upped me by being in the 58th floor penthouse suite. It was so cool because you could see the whole strip from the balcony !!! Super HIGH though, AHHHHH !!!!!!!! :-O

Good start but we headed to @SurrenderVegas nightclub, and this is where the good times began !!! I met some fun girls from Atlanta and we had a blast and danced a lot (although we saved a lot of our energies for the upcoming weekend, duuuuh.) I even called papou. (And thanks to bottle service hiding key parts no one had a Britney Spears moment ;))

Oh and ummmm, I kind of wished for a second I had brought my bathing suit. (And the next day I was happy I didn’t :P)

(Break, bed, allo Palms not too late)

The next day I went to a super thai restaurant, which I forget the name oooops ! It was in fact super because I went back TWICE during the rest of the trip !!! And everytime I would get TONS of food and coffee because I was always afraid to run out of energy…

During the day we went to the pool party at @EncoreBeachClub and it rocked because they played cool house music and had a suuuuper nice pool. Note to self: I will be back.

Second note to self: Brazilian girls have big butts, and I need a tan.

That night (Friday), I went to @XSLasVegas. This was my faaavorite place. We got a super cool table RIGHT in front of the action (basically in the middle of it) and honestly, I could NOT stop dancing. My biggest pet peeve I think throughout the whole trip is when girls are in super cool tables with super cool people and sit and act like they are bored or too cool. COME ON !!! NO ONE can ever be too cool for Las Vegas… duuuh ! So I danced. And then I danced more. And then a little more, and finally… ok one last song. DANCE DANCE DANCE WAHOOOO !!!! I even made a brand new girlfriend, and guess what ? She dances too 😉

Out of control crowd.

(Break, bed, allo Palms a little later than last night but not TOOO bad.)

On Saturday. WOH. SAT-UR-DAYYYYY was AWESOME ! I went to the Liquid Pool lounge with my brand new girlfriend and the DJ ROCKED and the crowd ROCKED ! We had a super cool white cabana and everything was great except for the service I would say medium so-so but they were quite busy so it was alriiiight, whatev. Our cabana had BEDS too but it is safe to say that no one ever slept or even rested. No we just DANCED. Agaaaain.

@AriaLV was super nice

Saturday niiiight in LAS VEGA$ !!! Left the Palms, went to Haze Nightclub at Aria by @LightGroup, forgot passport, went BACK to the Palms, got passport, went BACK to Haze
Nightclub at Aria. Fiouuuu !!! One would think I had never gone out in my whole life. COME ON !!! Anyway, still had an amaaaazing night, and got once again a super hot table, right by Ray J’s table. (Who is that, Ray J?) Wellll, I was shiny that night. And (surprise) Dancy. The service was GREAT and our waitress was HOT and they escorted me to the bathroom when needed so it was overall a super experience. HOT HOT HOT !!!

(Break, Palms, bed, tomorrow is almost here oooops !)

Sunday. Sun. Day. A little hungover, David took me to the BEEEEST brunch in all of Las Vegas, the Simon says Brunch at the Palms. OMIGOSH. AMAAAZING !!! They have a buffet style sushi, pastries, seafood, panini bar, fruit bar and dessert bar, all made to order by different chefs, and an unlimited menu for more. And guess what to top everything off: A CANDY BAR !!! SOOOO GREAT, that was like my favorite part of the trip (almost :P)

Then, I headed for THE – BEST – PARTY – OF – THE – WEEKEND. @EncoreBeachClub again, this time with @DirtySouth909 and @Kaskade (Kaskade has a residency every Sunday but this one was extra special !) Honestly this was the cherry on top of a wonderful weekend. Kaskade killed it the whole time and Dirty South played his hits and some new stuff I have never heard before, the whole atmosphere was so surreal !!! Everyone and their mama was in Las Vegas for this apparently, and the crowd was dancing and being merry. 😀

BIG hearts to our hotness of a waitress

I think maybe we made a little grimlet unhappy… Oooops !


I mean by the end we were dancing and jumping around like little children at the McDonald’s playground.

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding…

Well after that I just went back to the Thai restaurant. I was going to try to make it out but it was such an intense day that I fell asleep and decided to take it easy and rest. At 3AM I went for a late (late) dinner at the @PalazzoLasVegas hotel. I mean, everything is open ALL THE TIME in Las Vegas !!! It’s so crazy ! Walking through the casino to get to the restaurant one could swear it was 3 in the afternoon, people were so awake !

(Break, Palms 4am, Bed, insomnia is raging !!!)

On Monday morning I went to breakfast/lunch/brunch at the Terrace Pointe Cafe at the @WynnLasVegas and it was soooo good !!! The decor was really cute and they had BIG princess chairs/booths that made me feel like a princess a little… with the yellow teacups like Alice in Wonderland love love love !!! I wore my sunglasses the whole time, ooops, cause, you know, I had a big weekend with not so much sleep hours so by then I was a little tired… Sorry Wynn ! 😛

Somehow I then found strenght to go and play some tennis. I had not played in at least 8 months and when I say not played, I mean not even touch a tennis racket with a 10 foot pole wearing ski gloves. I played well !!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should try to make a comeback, what do you guys think ?

And then for my very last night in Las Vegas, went baaaack to XS yahooooo !!! Had to take it easy a little because my flight was the next morning at 11am. So I did. (bahhhh, I still danced :))


(Break, breakkkkkk, fiou goodnight.)

Well the next morning I made my flight. Yep ! Proud of me. I was tired on the plane and the ladies behind me had a joyful time asking why I was wearing my sunglasses and hoodie up and took me back to the 1970’s when they, and I quote, used to party probably harder than I ever did. Yeahhh, alright whatever… I managed to stay in Las Vegas for 6 DAYS, pace myself enough not to be copletely out of order by the end of the trip, document the whole thing, and remember the whole trip. So there… but after that, I tapped out for a gooood night of sleep back in Cincinnati. My Vegas trip was the perfect graduation celebration I needed and I will never forget !!!

Ironic at the airport… What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and TAP OUT in the same picture…!!!

So I mean, if you are EVER wanting to go to Las Vegas for an extended period of time (6 days like I did), remember to not be on a quest to kill yourself. Drink water, eat food (preferably thai) and don’t go too long without sleeping, and you’ll be TOP SHAPE like meee yahooooooo 😉

The view from my balcony I will never forget !

Thank you David <3

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  • electricpamela, September 21, 2010 at 3:12 pm
    WOWWW!!!!! this is a COOOL article!!! im impressed! I wish we go to VEGAS one day! TOGETHER!!! with David too maybe;) The pictures are awesome!!!!!!!! im glad you had fun sister<3